Steps to Reupholster Furniture

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reupholstered chairs

Do you find the furniture fabric too old and dusty? Probably, it is serving you continuously from past several years. Actually, furniture with bad fabric appears annoying so it is good to make efforts to get it replaced with new one.

The great news is that there is no need to call professionals to complete this task. You can be creative enough at home to complete this job with DIY procedures.

In order to complete the furniture reupholstering process, you may need to buy few tools but don’t worry! They are easily available at local stores and will not add up much burden on your pocket. Let us get started with the DIY reupholster procedure:

Step 1: The very first task that you need to do is remove the cloth carefully by simply opening the staples or losing its tracks with the help of plier. Never forget to take photographs of the material before removing the cloth so that you can assemble it again to have same looks. Mark the essential points and areas to ensure easy replacement.

Step 2: Now you have to remove the old batting of your furniture. If you find the seat stained or worn then take it out too. Find some time to check the webbings and springs carefully; repair them if they require your attention. Repaint the frame to give it a new look and then let the material dry.

Step 3: It is time to measure the upholstery pieces and find suitable cloth to do the replacement. You can choose a new pattern to add a new look to the furniture item. Cut it in desired dimensions while keeping 2-3” extra fabric on sides and then stable its edges back to the furniture item.

Step 4: Now place the base fabric material on the frame and staple it from endpoints. Ensure that fabric is secured well on the furniture and these pins must be covered by the panel. Now remove the excess fabric.

Step 5: Get some old pieces of fabric and create welting of desired width and length that can cover the seat from top and bottom. Sew the welting carefully to the furniture and fix its edges carefully around the corners.

Step 6: Now fix the furniture from the backside and get it stapled well to ensure a secure fit. Excess fabric can be secured with fabric glue to lead a clean appearance.

Step 7: Now get one piece of breathable fabric and fix it on the underside of the furniture item. Flip the item downward and stable the excess fabric carefully. It will work like a dust cover for your furniture and you can prefer to change it again when it goes bad with dust and grime.

The reupholster procedure is complete now and your furniture item will get its new appearance back. The process is pretty simple and can be completed within few minutes if you have right material and tools at home. It is a cost-effective way to add a new look to your house.

Homemade DIY Cleaning Solutions

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cleaning chemicals

The costs of cleaning chemicals can add up fast and the toxins are bad for the health of your home and the environment too. It’s a lose-lose. But there is an alternative. You can make your own homemade DIY cleaning solutions for cheap that are healthier too!

Here are some of our favorite homemade cleaning solution recipes:


There are several toxins in store-bought glass cleaner. You can avoid them and create your own DIY glass cleaner with a very simple recipe. Here is what you need:

  • Vinegar
  • Water

To create your own glass cleaner, fill a spray bottle with 50% white vinegar and 50% water. That’s it! The solution will clean windows, mirrors and picture frame and won’t leave behind streaks or grime.


Many cleaning chemicals will do more harm than good when it comes to removing stains on carpet or fabrics. Different fabrics and materials react different to each type of stain and cleaning solution so you need to be careful. Our homemade stain remover is easy-to-make and won’t damage carpet or fabric. Here is what you need:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Dishwashing Liquid

Pour two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dishwashing liquid into a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the carpet stain. Now dab the stain with a clean, white cloth and absorb the remnants of the stain.

If the DIY stain remover does not remove the stain, we recommend hiring a local carpet cleaning service that uses green-certified solutions in their process. Visit this website for more information:


Almost all disinfectants are sold in the form of an aerosol can. These disinfectants are terrible for your home and health. You can concoct your own DIY disinfectant that is 100% safe with just two ingredients. Here is what you need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Water

Fill a spray bottle halfway with rubbing alcohol and halfway with hot water. This will create a homemade disinfect for use in your kitchen or bathroom. You can use it on cutting boards and almost all surfaces.


You just need two ingredients to create an amazing degreaser and soap scum remover for your home. Here is what you need:

  • Vinegar
  • Dishwashing Liquid

Just pour the dishwashing liquid and vinegar into a spray bottle and you are done! This homemade degreaser should be used on countertops and tile floors. You can use it on the tiles in your bathtub and shower too. This one of our favorite DIY cleaning solutions and you will love it too!


Here is our last recipe and it is another easy one to create. You just need two ingredients for this DIY all-purpose cleaner. Here is what you need:

  • 2 Tablespoons Dishwashing Liquid
  • Water

Pour 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into a spray bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. You can use this cleaner for general cleaning purposes including tabletops, countertops and dusting.

Each of these homemade cleaning solutions should last about 1-2 months before you need to create a new batch. These solutions do not have the same shelf-life as store-bought chemicals but because they’re much cheaper and much healthier, the benefits far outweigh the downside in using them in your home.

Planning to buy a coffee table? Just don’t. Because now you can make your own table.

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Teapoys and coffee tables elevate the beauty of the house. Most of the times when you look at a table they never match your taste quickly. It simply can’t be any coffee table as you have to sit there with your re-energising cup of coffee, twice every single day. A coffee table is something you are emotionally connected to. So for sure, you need a pretty decent table, where you can both make memories and recall memories. Now that we know the importance of a coffee table, let’s not make a compromise settle for something less. What can we do when we do not get the right table, a table that your heart desires? Let’s make our own coffee table. Yes, you heard it right! When you are not able to find a table that suits all your choice, don’t worry we will make a new table, just DIY!

Coffee Table

Steps to make an elegant coffee table:

The following steps and measurements will give you a beautiful table:

  • Take pieces of ply wood that measure 2×4. The table’s dimensions are 25x45x17 which makes up the W x H x L respectively.
  • You can also use an old or scrap plywood, in that case, make sure you fine tune the sides using a sandpaper. A polished edge adds beauty to the table.
  • Cut the plywood’s edges at 45 o angle. As you get towards the end reduce the size of the plywood to match the size of the plywood to make a perfect square or rectangle as the case may be. This is required since the edges are angularly cut.
  • Use wood glue to put the wood pieces together and make sure the adhesive is strong enough and hold the table top together. Now it’s time to fix the legs of the table.
  • Coffee table legs are available online, you can pick the one that suits your style and home.
  • If this is your first DIY table then it is going to forever-memory make sure to choose a rigid one that stays long. Use a pencil to mark the corners where the legs should be fixed, so that the placements are appropriate.
  • Use a sandpaper to fine tune the improper edges. Since it is a scrap wood they might be gaps on the surface, use wood fillers to fill this gaps.
  • Now it’s time to paint the table. Use any color of your choice and complete the table with a blemish less look.

These are the still steps involved in making a table. Now that you know it, give it a try.

Best DIY projects that will keep your hard-to-handle kids engaged!

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All of us have a hard time to manage children, especially when they are at home during weekends and things get worse during vacations. The hell breaks loose and pinning them down to one place can be pretty challenging. There is no point in blaming the kids as most of them are hyperactive today, they find it hard to survive in calm and lazy environments. They always wish to be busy and productive. They can engage themselves if they are sent out to play. But today, it is preferable to stay indoors. So what do we do? Introduce your children to the world of DIY and stay back at peace. Watch them being completely innovative with simple stuff and preserve those memories. You can look at them and cherish in the future. So here are some simple but engaging DIY that you sons and daughters might love.



Is your child very much stressed out and needs something nice to break their stress? Ask them to make slimes. They may not be useful as a product and are very much satisfying. No one knows how can slime can break stress or can satisfy a desperate soul. But it works like magic. They are all gluey and crazily expandable fit to play a tough game with it. Let your child make them and see them sleep peacefully for the next few hours. Slimes, they are really taxing man!

Jewels and accessories:

Jewels and accessories

For all those notorious daughters out there, DIY jewels and accessories will make their vacation pink. Motivate them to wear matching accessories and then you will never have to tail them. They will always stay indoors with beads, pliers, threads, and papers making their own pretty jewels. This is definitely a win-win as you don’t have to go for both expensive jewels and vacation camps.

Glowing rubber egg: 

To make bouncing rubber eggs all you need is a vinegar and an egg. Soak the egg in vinegar for two days and then all you get is a bouncing new ball with yolk inside still live. Then place a small LED bulb behind it to get a glowing new bouncing egg ball.

Splash Bomb Catapult:

Splash Bomb Catapult

Make simple catapults and attack people with pre-cut rods and rubber bands. Build a pyramid with rods and fix a cap or lid that can hold a stone to hit the target, the use rubber bands to access the rod tighten the noose and then loosen it to hit the target. The best middle-schooler boy stuff.

Dry Ice Bubbles: 

Dry Ice Bubbles

Play is the highest form of research’, said the great Einstein. It during those plays you discover the true potential of physics. So to make dry ice all you need is a jar that can contain smoke, a funnel and bubble solution. You can make your own dry bouncing ice in no time.