Steps to Reupholster Furniture

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reupholstered chairs

Do you find the furniture fabric too old and dusty? Probably, it is serving you continuously from past several years. Actually, furniture with bad fabric appears annoying so it is good to make efforts to get it replaced with new one.

The great news is that there is no need to call professionals to complete this task. You can be creative enough at home to complete this job with DIY procedures.

In order to complete the furniture reupholstering process, you may need to buy few tools but don’t worry! They are easily available at local stores and will not add up much burden on your pocket. Let us get started with the DIY reupholster procedure:

Step 1: The very first task that you need to do is remove the cloth carefully by simply opening the staples or losing its tracks with the help of plier. Never forget to take photographs of the material before removing the cloth so that you can assemble it again to have same looks. Mark the essential points and areas to ensure easy replacement.

Step 2: Now you have to remove the old batting of your furniture. If you find the seat stained or worn then take it out too. Find some time to check the webbings and springs carefully; repair them if they require your attention. Repaint the frame to give it a new look and then let the material dry.

Step 3: It is time to measure the upholstery pieces and find suitable cloth to do the replacement. You can choose a new pattern to add a new look to the furniture item. Cut it in desired dimensions while keeping 2-3” extra fabric on sides and then stable its edges back to the furniture item.

Step 4: Now place the base fabric material on the frame and staple it from endpoints. Ensure that fabric is secured well on the furniture and these pins must be covered by the panel. Now remove the excess fabric.

Step 5: Get some old pieces of fabric and create welting of desired width and length that can cover the seat from top and bottom. Sew the welting carefully to the furniture and fix its edges carefully around the corners.

Step 6: Now fix the furniture from the backside and get it stapled well to ensure a secure fit. Excess fabric can be secured with fabric glue to lead a clean appearance.

Step 7: Now get one piece of breathable fabric and fix it on the underside of the furniture item. Flip the item downward and stable the excess fabric carefully. It will work like a dust cover for your furniture and you can prefer to change it again when it goes bad with dust and grime.

The reupholster procedure is complete now and your furniture item will get its new appearance back. The process is pretty simple and can be completed within few minutes if you have right material and tools at home. It is a cost-effective way to add a new look to your house.