Best DIY projects that will keep your hard-to-handle kids engaged!

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All of us have a hard time to manage children, especially when they are at home during weekends and things get worse during vacations. The hell breaks loose and pinning them down to one place can be pretty challenging. There is no point in blaming the kids as most of them are hyperactive today, they find it hard to survive in calm and lazy environments. They always wish to be busy and productive. They can engage themselves if they are sent out to play. But today, it is preferable to stay indoors. So what do we do? Introduce your children to the world of DIY and stay back at peace. Watch them being completely innovative with simple stuff and preserve those memories. You can look at them and cherish in the future. So here are some simple but engaging DIY that you sons and daughters might love.



Is your child very much stressed out and needs something nice to break their stress? Ask them to make slimes. They may not be useful as a product and are very much satisfying. No one knows how can slime can break stress or can satisfy a desperate soul. But it works like magic. They are all gluey and crazily expandable fit to play a tough game with it. Let your child make them and see them sleep peacefully for the next few hours. Slimes, they are really taxing man!

Jewels and accessories:

Jewels and accessories

For all those notorious daughters out there, DIY jewels and accessories will make their vacation pink. Motivate them to wear matching accessories and then you will never have to tail them. They will always stay indoors with beads, pliers, threads, and papers making their own pretty jewels. This is definitely a win-win as you don’t have to go for both expensive jewels and vacation camps.

Glowing rubber egg: 

To make bouncing rubber eggs all you need is a vinegar and an egg. Soak the egg in vinegar for two days and then all you get is a bouncing new ball with yolk inside still live. Then place a small LED bulb behind it to get a glowing new bouncing egg ball.

Splash Bomb Catapult:

Splash Bomb Catapult

Make simple catapults and attack people with pre-cut rods and rubber bands. Build a pyramid with rods and fix a cap or lid that can hold a stone to hit the target, the use rubber bands to access the rod tighten the noose and then loosen it to hit the target. The best middle-schooler boy stuff.

Dry Ice Bubbles: 

Dry Ice Bubbles

Play is the highest form of research’, said the great Einstein. It during those plays you discover the true potential of physics. So to make dry ice all you need is a jar that can contain smoke, a funnel and bubble solution. You can make your own dry bouncing ice in no time.