Planning to buy a coffee table? Just don’t. Because now you can make your own table.

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Teapoys and coffee tables elevate the beauty of the house. Most of the times when you look at a table they never match your taste quickly. It simply can’t be any coffee table as you have to sit there with your re-energising cup of coffee, twice every single day. A coffee table is something you are emotionally connected to. So for sure, you need a pretty decent table, where you can both make memories and recall memories. Now that we know the importance of a coffee table, let’s not make a compromise settle for something less. What can we do when we do not get the right table, a table that your heart desires? Let’s make our own coffee table. Yes, you heard it right! When you are not able to find a table that suits all your choice, don’t worry we will make a new table, just DIY!

Coffee Table

Steps to make an elegant coffee table:

The following steps and measurements will give you a beautiful table:

  • Take pieces of ply wood that measure 2×4. The table’s dimensions are 25x45x17 which makes up the W x H x L respectively.
  • You can also use an old or scrap plywood, in that case, make sure you fine tune the sides using a sandpaper. A polished edge adds beauty to the table.
  • Cut the plywood’s edges at 45 o angle. As you get towards the end reduce the size of the plywood to match the size of the plywood to make a perfect square or rectangle as the case may be. This is required since the edges are angularly cut.
  • Use wood glue to put the wood pieces together and make sure the adhesive is strong enough and hold the table top together. Now it’s time to fix the legs of the table.
  • Coffee table legs are available online, you can pick the one that suits your style and home.
  • If this is your first DIY table then it is going to forever-memory make sure to choose a rigid one that stays long. Use a pencil to mark the corners where the legs should be fixed, so that the placements are appropriate.
  • Use a sandpaper to fine tune the improper edges. Since it is a scrap wood they might be gaps on the surface, use wood fillers to fill this gaps.
  • Now it’s time to paint the table. Use any color of your choice and complete the table with a blemish less look.

These are the still steps involved in making a table. Now that you know it, give it a try.